Gary PopovichCA

Gary Popovich is a film and video artist whose work employs formal experimentation in intimate explorations of ritual, myth and power. He has made 15 films over the last 30 years. His work has been screened at international festivals and art galleries such as Centre Pompidou in Paris, San Francisco Cinematheque, Millenium Film Theatre in New York, the International Documentary Film Festival in Nyon (Switzerland), and the European Media Arts Festival; his work has toured through Europe, the U.S., Australia, and Japan.  In Canada he has shown his work at numerous galleries and theatres including the La Cinematheque Quebecoise in Montreal, the Cinematheque in Vancouver, the Cinematheque in Winnipeg and the National Film Institute in Ottawa; locally he has premiered his work at the Toronto International Film Festival, Images Film and Video Festival, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and CBC Television.

Gary Popovich