Martijn VoorveltNL

Martijn Voorvelt is a self-taught composer whose chamber music often extends into the realms of theatre and literature. Voorvelt likes to explore the many possibilities of independent parts and simultaneous or overlapping compositions. His music has been described as being both experimental and accessible, both "wacky" and "balanced".  Born in Amsterdam in 1967, Martijn Voorvelt soon developed interests as a writer, a composer of chamber music and as a singer-songwriter. Not knowing which to choose, he studied musicology and in 1998 was rewarded a Ph.D. by the University of Leeds (England) for his dissertation on experimental post-punk pop music. Since then he divides his time between writing words and music (and watching birds in his spare time). He is also a guitarist and singer in several bands and ensembles, including his own Ruddy Shelduck and the recently resurrected Dutch new wave band The Tapes.

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Martijn Voorvelt