Martin BédardCA

Martin Bedard graduated in instrumental composition from the University Laval (Quebec, Canada). Following a course of five years with the composer Yves Daoust and André Fecteau, he graduated with high distinction from the Conservatory of Music of Montreal in electroacoustic composition. He recently completed a doctorate in electroacoustic composition at the University of Montreal with the composer Robert Normandeau. His works have been presented in more than 60 national and international events and festivals. He is the winner or finalist of eleven international competitions, including an "Award of dictinction" at the 2010 Ars Electronica competition. Martin is a member of the artistic committee of RÉSEAUX. Besides his activities as a composer, he teaches aural perception, composition and analysis of electroacoustic music at the Music Conservatory of Montreal and electroacoustic composition at the University of Montreal as a lecturer.

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Martin Bédard