Mithatcan ÖcalTR

Mithatcan Öcal (1992, Turkey) studies composition with associate professors Ahmet Altınel and Mehmet Nemutlu at the Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory in İstanbul, where he continues to work for his bachelor’s degree.

His compositional focus lies on the unconventional use of Anatolian and Middle-Eastern musical/non-musical phenomenon, such as the use of birdcalls of Anatolia, stories/legends from Byzantine and Ottoman Empire etc. as well as the reconstruction of melodies of local oral tradition, harmony and time.

He attended/will attend festivals and workshops as a composer including Gaudeamus Muziekweek (2012), London Ear Festival (2013), Voix Nouvelles Royaumont (2013), Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble Academy (2014), ISCM New Music Days (2014), 30 More! (Continuum Contemporary Music, 2015), Archipel de Genéve (2015) and others. His music has been performed by Nieuw Ensemble Amsterdam, Namascae Lemanic Modern Ensemble, Prime Recorder Ensemble, Court-Circuit Ensemble, Continuum Contemporary Music, Ian Pace, Oleg Tanstov and Metin Ülkü. His works are published by Verlag Neue Musik.

Mithatcan Öcal