Continuum recognizes the importance of fostering the next generation of new music composers, musicians and supporters. We are therefore proud of the variety of educational initiatives we have undertaken over the past several years.

Continuum in the Classroom Continuum has developed an exciting relationship with the Toronto District School Board. Since 2012, we have worked with a variety of students at the elementary, middle and secondary school levels, providing a unique opportunity for students to create original compositions and have them performed by Continuum. The results are enriching for all involved: young students learn about composition and the capacities of various instruments, and get to hear their works performed by a professional ensemble; Continuum's musicians get to take on a unique mentorship role, helping the student composers and sitting beside student performers; and the 500 students bussed to the performers get to see their peers in action. See details of the 2014 Continuum in the Classroom here.

Lectures, workshops and readings for emerging composers Whenever possible, Continuum encourages visiting composers to engage with local emerging composers, usually post-secondary students and recent graduates. Lectures, workshops and score readings have been led by Christopher Butterfield, Martijn Voorvelt, Yannis Kyriakides, Michael Oesterle and more.

New Music 101 Continuum actively participates in the Toronto New Music Alliance's New Music 101 programming, a series of public information sessions covering a broad range of contemporary music topics. Past sessions have been presented at the Toronto Reference Library; future sessions will be spread out to libraries throughout the city. See details on our 2014 New Music 101 session here.

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