4 miniatures


I composed Four Miniatures between April and June 2003. It was commissioned by the ensemble Noszferatu, with funds from RVW Trust, and first performed at the Cheltenham Festival on 5 July 2003. The scoring is for flute, violin, percussion and piano.  After completing two extended single movement compositions, Movement for Ensemble (2002) and John White in Berlin (2003), I wanted to return to work with smaller forms. These pieces last a couple of minutes each and are all underpinned by some sort of drone or percussion roll. Four Miniatures is dedicated to Dawn Waddell.


Laurence Crane UK

Laurence Crane was born in Oxford in 1961 and studied composition with Peter Nelson and Nigel Osborne at Nottingham University. He is closely associated with the British ensemble Apartment House, who have given numerous performances of his work since their formation in 1995. He has composed several pieces especially for the ensemble, including John White in Berlin, which was commissioned in 2003 by the Maerzmusik festival in Berlin. He has also developed working relationships with Plus-Minus Ensemble (UK/Belgium), Ives Ensemble (Netherlands), Cikada Ensemble (Norway) and asamisimasa (Norway). Plus-Minus Ensemble commissioned Octet in 2008 and this work was subsequently shortlisted for the Royal Philharmonic Society award for chamber-scale composition.


Laurence Crane