1989-90 listen

Affiliert was commissioned in 1989-90 by Radio Breman for Ensemble Avance.  The title refers to the exploration in the piece of the meaning of incorporation, annexation and integration.  The composition captures “voices” and “tones [qualities]”, courting menacing torpor, empty pathos and prudishness – not in a semantic way but by emphasizing their specific characteristics.  The titles of certain sections – “Marziale”, “Idyll”, “Glorie” – emphasize this point.  The contiguous abutment and the imposition of these “tones and “voices” does not happen in a polished way.  They irritate, disturb, go through elaborate detours and cunningly play around.  Rigidity of structure, which might seem oppressive, becomes the solution.  But, at the same time, the material - majestic martial pathos, and loyal, beautiful idylle - opposes the structure.

Gerhard Staebler DE

Gerhard Stäbler (b. 1940) is of southern German origin.  He began his composition studies in 1968.  In 1982 he won the Cornelius Cardew Memorial Prize which was the first in a long and impressive series of award, prizes, commissions and scholarships. He writes music for orchestra, opera, dance, theatre and multi-media projects.  In addition to his prolific accomplishments as a composer, Gerhard Stäbler is active as an Artistic Director and the founder of the New Music festival “Aktive Musik”.  Stäbler also teaches extensively.  He has held posts as composer-in-residence and visiting professorships throughout North and South America and well as in the Middle and Far East.  In 2003 alone, he gave concerts and lectures in Seoul, was awarded the Duisburger Musikpries, and received commissions from the English ensemble “The Apartment House”, the Bayerischer Rundfunks and the Dresdener Tage für zeitgenössische Musik.

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