Au fond du cloƮtre humide

2014 listen

The title of this piece (From the depths of the damp monastery) is an indirect allusion to its fairly well-known source material, which becomes progressively more identifiable as the piece goes on and will most certainly not be unveiled in this short preamble. Inspired “By Other Means”, I created a playing field between two musical worlds: one led by the piano and referring to music of the past, the other starring the percussion and dominated by unpitched sounds such as brushing, scrubbing, scratching and bouncing. This double concerto of sorts puts our two strings and two winds in a bit of a pickle, increasingly more torn between a world of romanticism and a world of utter noise, ultimate victims of this musical tug-of-war. But who in the end will be victorious? Stay tuned to find out; after all, a program note's purpose is to pique your interest, not to spoil it!

Thierry Tidrow

Thierry Tidrow CA

Born in Ottawa in 1986, Franco-ontarian composer Thierry Tidrow began his musical training at the St-Matthew’s Men and Boys choir and at De La Salle High School in vocal performance. In 2009, he obtained his Bachelor of Music degrees in honours composition and theory at McGill University, where his composition teachers included Jean Lesage, Brian Cherney and Christoph Neidhöfer. In 2011, he received his Masters degree from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, where he studied under Richard Ayres and in 2013 he completed his Advanced Studies diploma at the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg under Brice Pauset. Thierry has collaborated with ensembles including the Asko-Schönberg Ensemble, the Ereprijs Orkest, Insomnio, the Talea Ensemble, Ensemble Surplus, the Bozzini String Quartet, the Chiara String Quartet, Berlin’s Ensemble Apparat, Ensemble Proton Bern and the Dutch National Opera Academie (DNOA), which premiered his opera Less Truth More Telling in 2013. Thierry has received many prizes, among which two SOCAN Foundation Awards in 2014 (Less Truth More Telling, Violon et Clarinette) as well as the Canada Council for the Arts’ prestigious Jules-Léger Prize for Au fond du cloître humide, commissioned and premiered by Continuum.

Recent projects include Manifeste Assi, a 60-minute chamber piece based on the poetry of the young Innu poet and political activist, Natasha Kanapé Fontaine.

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Thierry Tidrow