Continuum Concrescence


Allow me to save you a trip to the dictionary: "concrescence" is a term more consonant-filled (that "cnr" grouping) than its near-synonym "coalescence": and it more specifically means "a growing together in consonance of parts originally separate." This doesn't go as far as to be a coalescent forming of one massed whole, i.e., soup - and therefore concrescence comes closest to describing the concert experience, wherein we have endeavoured to weave five disparate compositions into a concerted experience.

This Continuum Concrescence is not a piece of itself, but rather, simply, it acknowledges the other adjacent works, in the form of several small gestures inserted in between. The source compositions, we assure you, will be performed as the composers have intended them to be played, as faithfully as the very capable Continuum ensemble can play them.

The concrescent gestures in-between are my own responses to perusing the scores, listening to the composer's computerized sketches, and being allowed to attend rehearsals. Those pieces I've heard and studied each have an integrity; which I have no inclination to plunder or lay asunder. But occasionally I've suggested that, perhaps, we could also play something again, a little differently, or perhaps I've chosen to reveal something which wouldn't usually be heard outside of the rehearsal hall, or the composers' studios, or their brains...Furthermore, to clarify what is being concresecated when, we've employed a narrator for play-by-play elucidation.

Continuum performed the World Premiere of Continuum Concrescence on October 27, 2006

John Oswald CA

John Oswald is a Governor General Award Media Arts Laureate, Ars Electronica Digital Musics and Untitled Arts Award winner, as well as the fourth inductee into the CBC Alternative Walk of Fame. Oswald has also been nominated to third place in a list of the most internationally influential Canadian musicians, tied with Céline Dion.

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John Oswald