Cursor 6


I have been using elements from my everyday life for my music, and the Cursor (“runner” in Latin) series is based on running - one of my strongest interests in the past years.

Running is essentially a simple activity, but especially when I run long distance, I experience more events within the simple activity. It seems simple and repetitive, but the details change within it. This experience is the inspiration for the Cursor series. Running has long been a basic activities for humans - this is how I started taking another look at old materials in more traditional music.

These musical objects are used repeatedly with obsessiveness - which is also required in long distance running - and sometimes by interleaving them with something else.

(c) Hiroki Tsurumoto

Continuum performed the World Premiere of Cursor 6 as part of Japan:NEXT, May 26, 2016 at The Royal Conservatory.

Hiroki Tsurumoto JP/CA

Japanese/Canadian composer Hiroki Tsurumoto is a co-founder of ∆TENT, a Toronto-based music ensemble dedicated to the performance of new music by composers of our generation. Hiroki’s music has been performed in Canada, US, Czech Republic, Norway, England, Brazil, Japan and Australia.  He has worked with Aventa (Victoria), junctQín keyboard collective (Toronto), Mira Benjamin (UK), Chelsea Shanoff (Toronto), nu:nord (Canada/Norway), Musica Nova (Tel Aviv), Tiresias (Vancouver), among others.  Hiroki studied economics, graphic design, and music composition in Tokyo, NYC, and Toronto and also enjoys playing soccer and running marathons. His new series of works, Cursor, is inspired by the activity of running.

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Hiroki Tsurumoto