"Everything is...distorted"


“…the immediate experience of the world, its perceptible pleasure has been totally exhausted to the extent that by now everything is filtered, mediated, distorted by technology…Romitelli insisted that art could not resist technological violence other than through a response that was even more violent and artificial.”

-Interview: Plouvier about Romitelli

Thank you to Martin Bédard, Dennis Patrick, Graham Banfield, and Evan Bowen for their invaluable assistance with the electronics in this piece.

Bekah Simms CA

Bekah Simms is a Toronto-based composer originally from St. John’s, Newfoundland.  With work described as "deliciously disorienting" and possessing "a tremendous ear for foreground, background, blending and instrumental colour" (Nick Storring), Bekah’s music consists of a highly varied output using a wide variety of media. Her music has been performed from coast to coast in Canada, a dozen American states, and in Italy. She is the recipient of over twenty composition awards, prizes, and call-for-scores selections, including the 2017 Toronto Emerging Composer Award. She was chosen as one of six representatives to the ISCM Canadian Section to World Music Days 2016 in addition to being featured in the Canadian Broadcast Corporation’s 2016 edition of 30 Hot Classical Musicians Under 30.

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Bekah Simms