Fixity, composed in 2007, is an experiment in texture, gesture, and form.  The “fixed” aspect of the piece is an unchanging melodic cell represented by two ascending intervals heard at the opening.  One of my compositional goals during the creation of this piece was to construct several different contexts in which the opening melodic cell could exist.  Throughout the piece, texture and mood are in a constant state of variation, while the basic melodic idea creates familiarity and allows for a sense of formal coherence.

Adam Scime CA

Adam Scime (b.1982) is currently living in Toronto and studying with Gary Kulesha at the University of Toronto (U of T), where he was awarded a full fellowship to study as a Doctoral student in composition.  Previous to his current position at U of T, Adam studied composition at The University of Western Ontario (UWO), where his teachers included Peter Paul Koprowski and Paul Frehner.  Though still early in his career, Adam has received several public performances of his pieces by local ensembles and performers.  He has written extensively for orchestral, chamber, solo, and electro-acoustic mediums, and has taught theory, ear training, and electro-acoustic composition courses at UWO and U of T. Despite moving to Toronto very recently, Adam has already become involved in the local new music community.  He recently became a member of angelus novus, an established collective of composers who seek to promote the performance of electro-acoustic music and sound art.  In addition to composing, Adam is an active double bassist and has performed with many local ensembles and orchestras.

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Adam Scime