Folies d'Espagne


La Folia, literally meaning madness, is a simple yet intriguing tune first published in 1672, although its roots go back to the 16th century. Folia variations quickly became very popular in Spain and Italy, gaining popularity especially in the higher circles of society. The convention of Folias has generally been to adapt the rhythm and the basic melody into a solemn passacaglia, however, my idea was to take a lighthearted and playful approach for writing a set of variations on this catchy melody. I envisioned a circus atmosphere, with the Folia melody as the sad clown being pursued by a band of happy-go-lucky characters.

(c) Michael Oesterle

Continuum performed the World Premiere of Folies d'Espagne on April 29, 2016 as part of Renaissance.

Michael Oesterle CA

Michael Oesterle, born in 1968, is a Canadian composer who lives in Deux-Montagnes Québec.

Michael Oesterle