Fox Bride


I wrote this piece working in layers, as though mapping different parts of the same room. While each layer embodies a distinct character, a curious sense of communication emerges between them. The piece evolves around folding and unfolding these layers in various ways, exploring them in relationship and as shifting dimensions of one another.

Sabrina Schroeder CA

Sabrina Schroeder (b. 1979 in BC, Canada) writes music for acoustic ensembles, homemade instruments, electronic sound, and extended performance or installation environments.  Her work has been presented throughout North America and Europe by groups that include ICE Ensemble (New York), Orchestra de Ereprijs (Netherlands), OCNM Ensemble (Czech Republic), Arraymusic (Toronto), Frequenzen (Germany), Quatuor Bozzini (Montreal), SEM Ensemble (New York), Flux Quartet (New York), Quatuor Diotima (France), and violinist Nadia Francavilla.  She has been an active and founding member of several composer-performer collectives presenting scored and improvised music, the initiator of a project and performance venue (578 John Street) presenting work by emerging sound and visual artists, and recently became a performing member of the Anthony Braxton 12+1tet. Main teachers have included Michael Longton and Christopher Butterfield (University of Victoria), Alvin Lucier and Anthony Braxton (Wesleyan University), and Chaya Czernowin, Steven Kazuo Takasugi, and Hans Tutschku (Harvard University).

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Sabrina Schroeder