From the Diaries of William Lyon Mackenzie King


Music by Scott Wilson
Text by Alexandra Oliver

This work explores various aspects of the life of Canada’s longest serving and most infamous Prime Minister and diarist. It draws upon his writing on four different events, representing different aspects of his emotional and public life: I. On Hitler – Speaking to his friend and confidant Joan Patteson, King recounts his experience of meeting Adolf Hitler, and its aftermath. Initially optimistic and impressed, King hopes that he has averted war, but later feels a deep sense of betrayal. II. A Gangster’s Method – Whilst juggling the demands of Canada’s second conscription crisis, King demonstrates his political skill, plotting with his ministers to undermine the position of Quebec Premier Duplessis, who has called an election at an inopportune time. III. Little Angel Dogs – Arriving home from a dinner, King finds that his beloved Irish terrier Pat (the first of three to bear that name) has taken a turn for the worse and is dying. IV. In Need of Protection – Japanese attacks on Hong Kong present King with a conundrum:  how to reconcile the rights of Japanese Canadians with the demands of growing anti-Asian racist sentiment coming from BC.

Thanks to:
1. Mick Greenway - The voice of the diaries; dramaturge
2. Rebecca Wilkins, David Rice, Ceri Morgan, James Carpenter, Pascal Charbonneau, Scott Wilson - Voices of Quebecois protestors
3. Alice Brown, for generous assistance with recorder wrangling

Continuum peformed the work's world premiere on Friday, December 8, 2017 as part of Urgent Voices.

Scott Wilson CA

Born in Vancouver, Canada, Scott Wilson has studied with Barry Truax, Christos Hatzis, Gary Kulesha, Ron Kuivila, Wolfgang Rihm, David Gordon Duke and Owen Underhill, among others. He has written works for orchestra, electroacoustics, chamber ensemble, installations, multimedia, interactive and inter-inactive presentations.  His works have been performed in Canada, the U.S., Germany, the U.K., Ireland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand and Switzerland, in festivals and venues such as the Huddersfield Festival, Esprit Orchestra's Next Wave Festival, Open Ears, Canada's National Arts Centre and Inventionen. Recent collaborators include Darragh Morgan, rarescale and Xenia Pestova. Scott’s music has been recorded by 326music and Continuum Contemporary Music.  Scott now lives in Birmingham, UK, teaching at the University, working with BEAST, and life, generally speaking, is good.

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Scott Wilson