Fuzzy Logic


What do you see when you see a sheep?
What does a sheep see when a sheep sees you? 

Do sheep like music? 
Do sheep make music?
How would you make music that sounds like a sheep?
And more importantly, why?  

Is it weird to look for meaning in a sheep?  
Sheep do.

I spent 144 days on a small Scottish island. Sheep were my neighbours. I took a lot of notes about them — about funny things, about sad things. Sheep kind of became the actors in my over-active inner life.

Here are some things that sheep make me think about, set to music.

I wrote myself into the piece because that's what sheep would do. 
Sheep wouldn't sit in the back row. 
They wouldn’t take themselves too seriously. 
Sheep would get themselves dirty.

Alex Eddington CA

Alex Eddington’s music has been performed across Canada and internationally by ensembles including the Mississauga Symphony, Ensemble Mujirushi, the junctQín keyboard collective, Quatuor Bozzini, the Toronto Chamber Choir, and soprano Kristin Mueller-Heaslip. He is Composer-in-Residence of the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra. His work has received several honours, including a SOCAN award for his monodrama Death to the Butterfly Dictator! He was recently awarded a commission through the Canadian Music Centre’s New Music for Young Performers program to compose Watershed for two student violinists. 

Alex Eddington has toured several of his own original plays on the Canadian Fringe festival circuit. He received the 2008/09 Urjo Kareda Residency Grant at Tarragon Theatre, through which he created and workshopped a play about a painting elephant (Emily C.).  Alex is also a choral singer, conductor, music educator, arts administrator, and bird enthusiast.

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Alex Eddington