Set amidst a lingerie catwalk fashion parade held upon the perilously loose-boarded stairwells of a shadowy derelict apartment block, Glorious tells the story of an aging crime family patriarch, holed up with three generations of his kin, who is visited by his dead father’s ghost with a disturbing vision.  The film unfolds into an orgy of paranoia, bursting ammo shells, rackety disarmaments and oral gratification from beyond the grave. Working with the Amsterdam-based composer Richard Ayres, the film and score play out in playfully short movements of sound and light. In this paranoid dream world concoction, Glorious posits, perhaps spuriously, that there is a slippery slope between gun control and heinous degeneracy. What's next on the agenda for our politicians? Compulsory sodomy?

Richard Ayres CA/NL/UK

Richard Ayres was born in Cornwall (Great Britain) in 1965. In 1986 he followed Morton Feldman's classes at the Darmstadt and Dartington summer schools, and after this experience decided to make music a full-time occupation.  He studied composition, electronic music, and trombone at the polytechnic in Huddersfield. He settled in the Netherlands in 1989 where he followed the postgraduate composition course at the Royal Conservatoire in Den Haag, studying with Louis Andriessen, and graduating in 1992. He took up a teaching position there from 2004-6 before moving to the Amsterdam Conservatory.  Since 1990 Richard Ayres has worked as a composer, receiving commissions from leading European contemporary music ensembles and orchestras, as well as writing for more unusual instrumental combinations formed for specific projects.  Most recently he wrote No. 42 In the Alps for Barbara Hannigan and the Netherlands Blazers Ensemble.  He is currently working on a new opera.

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Richard Ayres