glossolalia (stress positions)

2008 listen

glossolalia (stress positions) is a simulation of melody, a lyrical hoax in which one counterfeit adventure follows another. Here, things hang together more by superstition than by purpose. This work is in fact suffers from expressive aprosodia—an impaired ability to produce or convey emotional or affective cues. Flat and excessive, and as though coming from some remote corner of the baroque, where tortuous ornaments overflow their armatures, glossolalia (stress positions) peregrinates the pleats and wrinkles that flicker at the edge of melodic coherence.

eldritch Priest CA

eldritch priest is an author who writes about sonic culture, experimental aesthetics, and the philosophy of experience. He is a post-doctoral fellow at the Radical Empiricism Workshop at the Université de Montréal and is currently writing a book on earworms and the aesthetics of distraction. eldritch is also a composer and lives in Toronto. He participated in Gaudeamus Muziekweek in 2002.

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eldritch Priest