God's Trees


I  ...pleasing to the eye, good for food...
II ...of the knowledge of good and evil...
III ...of life.

god’s trees is essentially an accordion concerto. The title of the piece and those of each movement are taken from the 2nd and 3rd chapters of Genesis. In spite of those titles, it is not program music in any strict sense, though something of the character of each movement is expressed therein. The first movement is the most accessible, concrete of the three, as its title implies. The second movement is perhaps the one most clearly represented by its title, as dichotomy is central to its makeup. The third movement was an attempt to create a sense of distance, of something still far off and intangible, which is at least hinted at in its title. This piece has proven to be (to the pleasant surprise of the composer), a rather popular one. It was written in 2002 for the virtuoso accordionist Anne-Maria Hollmach, and premiered that spring with the composer conducting.

Nick Akers US/JP

Nick Akers is an American composer currently living in Nagasaki.  He studied composition with Gary Kulesha at the University of Toronto, receiving his masters' degree in 2003. His piece Gyre received honorable mention in the International Society of Bassists Composition Competition in 2001, and his piece Ruach earned 2nd place in the Valentino Bucchi Foundation's International Composition Competition.  His works have been performed in Canada, the U.S., and Japan, where they have also been broadcast on the radio.