Greeting Music


Greeting Music is indeed a very sad piece. It should be entirely performed with no expression in the face... and the body should just do the movements it needs to perform... the five performers should look more like zombies. The piece is somehow related to a hopeless world where nothing is to be done or felt.

Claude Vivier CA

Claude Vivier was born in 1948 in Montreal, and studied composition with Gilles Tremblay and piano with Irving Heller at the Conservatory there. He subsequently went to Europe to study composition with Karlheinz Stockhausen and electronic music with Gottfried Michael Koening and Hans Ulrich Humpert. In 1977 Vivier undertook a long journey to Asia and the Middle East. The great variety of musical he encountered had the effect, paradoxically, of purifying his own musical expression. Following a few years teaching in Montreal and Ottawa, he devoted his time entirely to composition. He was writing a piece prophetically titled Do you believe in the immortality of the soul when he died in Paris on March 7th in 1983.

Claude Vivier