How it Happened


 The text is from Thomas King’s 1993 novel Green Grass, Running Water:

 "In the beginning, there was nothing. Just the water." 

"But where did all the water come from?

Throughout Thomas King’s novelthe character of the trickster Coyote reappears, hopelessly bamboozled, trying to learn what really happened when the world began. Who knows the Real Story? Coyote would like to think he does, but then there's Coyote's Dream - "gets loose and runs around. Makes a lot of noise". Coyote's Dream has his own idea about things: "I'm in charge of the world". By the end of the piece, you'll be wondering where all that water came from…

Juliet Kiri Palmer CA

Composer Juliet Palmer is known as a “post-modernist with a conscience” (The Listener) whose work “crosses so many genres as to be in a category of its own” (Toronto Star). Recent premieres: Vermillion Songs for tenor Simon O’Neill and NZTrio; and Sweat (Center for Contemporary Opera, New York). Juliet is the Artistic Director of Urbanvessel, a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration: Boots (Opera Peepshow); Singing River (Pan Am Path); Stitch (Dora nominations Best New Opera and Best Production); Slip (Best Experimental Short, Toronto International Short Film Festival); and Voice-Box (Harbourfront World Stage). Upcoming: Invicta (NYO Canada tour with spoken word artists Pricelys and Eekwol); Sweat (Bicycle Opera tour); On the Brink (Urbanvessel, Toronto); Inside Us (Western Front, Vancouver); The Iran Project (Instruments of Happiness).

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Juliet Kiri Palmer