John Jenkins

2001/11 listen

The pitches and durations used in John Jenkins (2001, rev. 2011) are taken from J.S. Bach’s Ricercar a 6 in Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 (1747), mm. 29-103 (all but the exposition). Their vertical relations have been disturbed by presenting the individual notes largely in sequential, rather than simultaneous, order. Like an unfolded architectural diagram, the resulting melodic material retraces Bach's harmonic and motivic constructions. This music, contained in its entirety in the keyboard part, undergoes a second projection back into the six non-keyboard instrumental parts, where shadow tones are added to facilitate the realization in 5-limit Just Intonation, based on a lattice of interlocking pure fifths and thirds. John Jenkins (1592-1678) was an English composer who wrote primarily instrumental consort music, often originally intended for home performances by amateur musicians, and is also known as the inventor of the “lyra consort”, an exotic mixed ensemble consisting of violin, lyra viol, bass viol, theorbo, and harpsichord. John Jenkinswas written at the request of Jennifer Waring (for Continuum, Toronto) and Daniel Matej (for Musica Aeterna, performing at the 2000 Bratislava Evenings of New Music). It was commissioned with the assistance of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Marc Sabat CA

Canadian composer Marc Sabat has been based in Berlin since 1999. His work with acoustic instruments and electronics draws inspiration from investigations of the sounding and perception of Just Intonation, American folk and experimental musics, and the relations between musical and visual artforms. His pieces have been resented internationally in radio broadcasts and at festivals of new music including the Donaueschinger Musik-tage, MaerzMusik, Darmstadt and Carnegie Hall. Recordings and scores are available from Plainsound Music Edition, World Edition (Köln) and mode records (New York). Sabat is currently awarded a one year residency at the German Academy in Rome, Villa Massimo.

Marc Sabat