Lied des Unbenannten


This work was created as a reflection on passages from the book also sprach Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche.  For its temporal proportions, names of places remain hidden, unnamed. From the combination of these ideas, a set of programmatic references emerges. However, I have tried to shield the work from the influences of the external references to create a purely musical discourse.

Alberto Hortiguela ES

 Alberto Hortigüela was born in 1969 in Burgos (Spain). He studied composition with Alejandro Yagüe in Salamanca and José Luis de Delás in Alcalá de Henares. From 2001 he continued his studies in composition at the Musikhochschule Stuttgart with Marco Stroppa and Caspar Johannes Walter. He recieved grants from the Arts Foundation of Baden-Württemberg in 2005 and in 2008 in Madrid at the “Casa de Velázquez” (École française d'etudes a l'etanger). In 2009 was a prizewinner in the “ad libitum” composition contest organized by the Netzwerk neue Musik of Germany with the work ohne Titel for chamber ensemble. He has received commissions from the Südwest Rundfunk (SWR), Aleph Gitarrenquartet, Klangforum Heidelberg, Ensemble Phorminx, SMASH Ensemble and Ensemble among others.

Alberto Hortiguela