Meet Café


Meet Café is my “breakthrough” piece.  After writing it, I realized that rhythm would be a central focus of my music for years to come.  While the piece plays with color, form, and (yes!) melody and harmony, it is driven mainly by rhythmic ideas that gel and dissolve unexpectedly.  I continue to explore the possibilities of rhythm with every new composition, perhaps in more innovative and sophisticated ways than in Meet Café, but certainly not as spontaneously.  As for the title, it comes from a passage in Naked Lunch by William Burroughs.  More or less instinctively, I attempted to portray the novel’s recklessness, intensity, nonlinearity, and humour - but Meet Café is playfully light-hearted so there the comparison ends.

Fernando Benadon AR/US

Fernando Benadon (b. 1972) is a composer and scholar who thrives on the exploration and integration of diverse paths.  A native of Buenos Aires, he studied jazz at the Berklee College of Music and composition at the University of California, Berkeley, earning a Ph.D. in 2004.  He is the winner of the Fromm commission at Tanglewood, the Aaron Copland Award from the Copland House, the League of Composers/ISCM Competition, and UC-Berkeley’s Ladd Prize, which supports a two-year residency in Paris.  He has also received fellowships from Fondation Royaumont, Tanglewood, the Aspen Advanced Master Class, and the Wellesley Composers Conference.  His soundtrack for the feature film Arimpara premiered at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival and was screened at many major festivals around the world.  As a scholar, he recently completed an article on jazz rhythm which was published in the journal Ethnomusicology.  He is assistant professor of music at American University in Washington DC. 

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