Moi Qui Tremblais


This work was created initially as part of a dance collaboration between Dancemakers and Arraymusic in Toronto.  There is a subtle inner melody undulating its way through the repeated piano chords, themselves not entirely regular but also slightly changing.  I hear this work as melodic – almost a song;  a boat makes its way through a rocking sea, the words of a poem along the white page.

Linda Catlin Smith

Linda C. Smith CA

Linda Catlin Smith grew up in New York and lives in Toronto. She studied music in NY, and at the University of Victoria. Her music has been performed and/or recorded by: Tafelmusik, Other Minds Festival, Trio Arbos (Madrid), Victoria, Kitchener-Waterloo and Vancouver Symphony Orchestras, Arraymusic, Tapestry New Opera, Via Salzburg, Evergreen Club Gamelan, and the Del Sol, Penderecki, and Bozzini string quartets, among many others.  In 2005 her work Garland (for Tafelmusik) was awarded Canada’s prestigious Jules Léger Prize. Recently two solo discs of her music have been released: Thought and Desire, with Eve Egoyan, and Dirt Road on the Another Timbre label. A new CD, Drifter, will be released by Another Timbre in February 2017.

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Linda C. Smith