2002 listen

I like to write pieces for my friends. For several years now I have worked closely with the Dutch piano-violin duo Gerard Bouwhuis and Heleen Hulst, an exiting duo who recently recorded all the sonatas of Charles Ives.  For them I wrote a solo concerto and many other pieces.  Mordants are ornaments used a lot in the Baroque era. I like them because they are short and full of energy. I use them heavily here, but prime emphasis in this piece lies in the constant close relationship between the violin and the piano.  They hardly move independently; even when the piece moves very fast they stick together.  Recently I have become more interested in ambiguity in music:   saying yes, but meaning no. In Mordants this becomes clear through the “double” violin part. There is a “real” part and a “shadow” part of very high flageolets. In the coda, the violin briefly sounds as if coming from the grave, an effect produced by attaching a rusty paperclip to the G string.

Martijn Padding NL

Martijn Padding studied composition with Louis Andriessen at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, piano with Fania Chapiro and musicology at the University of Utrecht. His oeuvre ranges from solo instrumental works to large-scale orchestral compositions and music theatre; his compositional aesthetic precludes any hierarchical relationship amongst, for instance, modernistic elements, influences from popular culture and historical-based doctrines. His compositions, accordingly, treat a broad spectrum of subjects and personages including Thelonious Monk, Gustav Mahler and Arnold Schoenberg.

His compositions are often the result of a close working relationship with the musicians themselves. Padding’s collaboration, since 1998, with the avant-garde quintet Ensemble LOOS has resulted in a number of works, both with and without electronics. The ensemble played the premiere of the opera TATTOOED TONGUES, to a libretto by Friso Haverkamp, at the Warsaw Autumn Festival in 2001. Padding’s works are performed by prominent ensembles, soloists and orchestras in the Netherlands and abroad.

Additionally he has made radio documentaries, and was the longtime piano accompanist of the modern dance company led by Krisztina de Châtel. Nowadays Martijn Padding is a member of the composition faculty at the Royal Conservatory of Music in The Hague.

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Martijn Padding