Night, herself


Night, herself takes as its starting point some of the melodies and harmonic progressions found in Purcell’s See, even night herself is here. The calm, mysterious, and nocturnal qualities of Purcell’s song are quite evident at the start of my piece, which begins with a slow, deliberate chaconne (repeating bassline) in the piano. As it progresses, more voices are added and the music becomes faster and more energetic, ending with a verse of Purcell’s melody in the violin, and echoed in the clarinet, at a somewhat frenetic pace.  

(c) Jocelyn Morlock 

Continuum performed the World Premiere of  Night, herself on April 29, 2016 as part of Renaissance.

Jocelyn Morlock CA

Juno-nominated composer Jocelyn Morlock is one of Canada’s most distinctive voices. “A lyrical wonder, exquisite writing” with “an acute feeling for sonority” and an approach that is “deftly idiomatic” (Vancouver Sun), Morlock’s music has received numerous accolades, most recently two nominations at the Western Canadian Music Awards (2014.) She is currently the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s Composer-in-Residence, having just finished a term as inaugural Composer-in-Residence for Vancouver’s Music on Main.

Recent premieres include Perruqueries – wiggy songs with texts by Bill Richardson, Corybantic for pianist Corey Hamm and Vermilion for the Aeolus string quartet. Recent CD releases featuring Morlock’s work include her first orchestral CD, Cobalt, Couloir’s Wine Dark Sea, and Standing Wave’s Liquid States.

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Jocelyn Morlock