As part of a series of projects exploring the Javanese gamelan music aesthetic, Pangkur brings two independent works together to form an intricate tapestry of sound. One work exists as a piano-percussion duo, and the other as a woodwind-string quartet. Both works rely on the balungan (skeletal melodic structure) of Ladrang Pangkur, a song included in the vast repertoire of the Javanese gendhing (gamelan vocal music) tradition. Within the space of the Ladrang Pangkur and excerpts of macapat (poetry) texts, notions of perpetual motion, musical modularity and physical spatiality converge with allusions of multiplicity, otherness and distance.

Juro Kim Feliz PH/CA

Juro Kim Feliz is a composer previously based in Montréal and who now resides in Toronto. He finished composition studies at the University of the Philippines and McGill University with principal mentors including Jonas Baes and Melissa Hui, along with Liza Lim, Dieter Mack, Chong Kee Yong, Bernd Asmus and Linda Catlin Smith at various occasions. He received the Goethe South East Asian Young Composer Award (1st place) in 2009, and his music has been performed in music festivals and workshops in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Israel, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

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Juro Kim Feliz