Pieremont Parade


Mechanical musical instruments have always fascinated me, especially mechanical organs with their vast repertoire of marches, gallops, foxtrots, cake-walks, waltzes, overtures, love songs, and even newly-commissioned pieces.  My piece, Pierement Parade (Dutch: Barrel Organ or Mechanical Organ Parade) is a tribute to such instruments, and their idiosyncrasies: their characteristic registrations (organ "orchestrations"), harmonic progressions, and of course, repertoire, with particular attention to the idea of the musical march in this case.  The sound-world of the piece is designed to reflect the clunky, the raw, and the hooting-fluty-reedy-shuddering voice with which these instruments so beautifully sing - a fact I found ironic during the process of composition as I strove to make a band of real instruments sound like their mimetic air-driven counterparts: an imitated imitation.

Trevor Grahl CA

Trevor Grahl was born in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada in the spring of 1984. He started to study the piano at age 10 and began to compose on his own shortly after. Eventually, he went to McGill University in Montreal to formally study composition, piano and to play the organ.  Four years later, he found himself in San Diego, also studying composition and playing the organ, but decided to seek a new life in Amsterdam, where he currently lives.  He studies with his friend and teacher Richard Ayres, enjoys music, strong coffee, cartoons, and taking walks with friends.

Trevor Grahl