For this piece I have taken an example from literature and have used it to develop a musical form - not necessarily in a narrative sense but rather abstractly. The story of Ireneo Funes (Funes, the Memorious) is by Jorge Louis Borges. It is a story of a man whose mind, after a debilitating accident, becomes obsessed with mnemonics. He is unable to abstract himself from the world, unable to forget a single detail of any event, person, place, thing.  And so, unable to function as a person in any other way, his world becomes nothing but details. Formally the work suggests a kind of diminutive structure and it also points to the limitations of language.

Allison Cameron CA

Allison Cameron is a composer whose music has been performed throughout Europe and North America. She is also active as an experimental performer.  Ms. Cameron studied with Louis Andriessen, Gilius van Bergeijk, Per Nørgård, and Frederic Rzewski in Europe and Rudolf Komorous, Michael Longton and James Tenney in Canada.