PulsaciĆ³n y Resonancias


As the title indicates, the piece is constructed taking as fundamental concepts the  “Pulsation”, understood as motor origin of the musical articulation (and not as rhythm), and the “Resonance”, understood as a specific sound spectrum resulting from the combinations generated by the verticality (harmony), the polyphony, the natural harmonics and instrumentation. It consists of five movements, each with its own characteristic similarities and differences: each movement starts with the original musical material, but becomes unique in its construction and articulation. Constant impulses, music articulations, control of the intervals, and the range and color of the particularly chosen instruments all give unity to the musical form, full of reiterations and contrasts.

The piece was commissioned by and is dedicated to “Ensemble Sirius.”

Juan Trigos MX/CA

Composer and conductor, creator of the concept Abstract Folklore.  This concept is based on principles such as the primary pulsation, the resonance and the obsessive use of polyrhythmic and polyphonic interlocking musical events and segments of different density and duration. In the Abstract Folklore there is an inclination towards big format works, with  numerous groups of instruments, characterized by abundant  utilization of percussion instruments. It may also be distinguished two main directions: vocal music (opera and sacred music), and instrumental with particular predilection for the Concertante forms.

Among his most representative works are Magnificat Guadalupano,  Missa Cunctipotens Genitor Deus, 6 Ricercares de Cámara, and his guitar, piccolo, double-bass and triple concertos. Highlight in particular Symphony No. 1 and the creation of a new genre called  Hemoficction Opera. He has presented and conducted in Mexico and Europe his Operas DeCachetitoRaspado and  Mis Dos Cabezas Piensan Peor Que Una. His music has been performed in several cities in Europe, and North America, central and south.

He is currently member of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Artes (Mexico), and Associate Composer of the Canadian Music Centre.

As a conductor, he has specialized in music from the 20th century and particularly in contemporary music. He has premiered and promoted an extensive catalogue of new works, both in live performance and recording. He has worked with numerous choirs, ensembles and orchestras in Europe, North America and Mexico. He was Conductor and Music Director of the Orquesta de Camara de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. Founder, Artistic Director and Conductor of the Sinfonietta de las Américas and Principal Guest Conductor of “La Camerata de las Américas”.

He has recorded in USA for Bridge Records (2009) and DarkPress.  In Italy for Stradivarius and in Mexico for Quindecim, FECA of Veracruz, "Colegio de Compositores Latinoamericanos de Música de Arte" and UAM, BMG Entertainment, Urtext Classics, Global Entertainment, Euram and Spartacus Classics.

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Juan Trigos