Sept Couleurs


In one single movement, Sept Couleurs is spread out like a long tactile tapestry or scroll that reveals a successive order of patterns or textures.  One might imagine silk, wool, plastic, wood, denim, and leather; polka dots, plaids, stripes; rough, smooth, grainy, dense – each coming one after another.  Sections of the piece fade together, or overlap one another, or arise suddenly as part of a collage.  The pace and shape of the piece is carefully calculated.  There are eight elemental segments, each one lasting 15 seconds.  These segments are built on two distinct fabricsoif different durations.  Through retrogrades, variations and augmentations the piece unfolds using material that makes its unmodified appearance in the middle of the piece.  Why the title Sept Couleurs?  Maybe because there are seven textures in the eight segments, but probably because I like the number seven.  Sept Couleurs was commissioned in 1994 by the New York New Music Ensemble with the assistance of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Linda Bouchard CA

Linda Bouchard has composed over 70 works in a variety of genres, from orchestral and chamber works to dance scores, concerti, and vocal pieces. Her works have been heard on both sides of the Atlantic and have been recorded by the CBC and Analekta in Canada, ECM in Germany, and CRI in the US.  A full compact disc of her orchestral works, Exquisite Fires, was released in 1998 on the Canadian label Marquis Classics. She has won awards in Canada and in the US including a Prix Opus from Quebec for Best Composer of the Year and a Fromm Foundation Award. Bouchard studied with Henry Brant at Bennington College and then moved to New York City where she lived from 1979 to 1990. In 1990, she returned to Canada for the premiere of her first orchestral work Elan; in the fall of 1992 she accepted a three-year position as the first composer-in-residence for the National Arts Centre Orchestra in Ottawa. She has lived in San Francisco since the spring of 1997.  Bouchard has been active as a freelance musician, composing, conducting and orchestrating since graduating from school in 1982. After 25 years of composing strictly acoustic music she has become increasingly interested in how artistic traditions are evolving through the integration of electronic and digital tools, and she pursues this exploration through her own projects, integrating multimedia into her work. Linda is the founder and artistic director of NEXMAP, a non-profit arts organization based in San Francisco, which produces international events in all media.

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Linda Bouchard