Sometimes Patterns


This series of short movements presents different paths through a grid that reflects the instruments’ construction. The horizontal axis of this grid represents the different strings – the 4 strings of the violin and cello, and a subset of 7 strings from the piano’s lowest notes – whereas the vertical axis represents physical divisions of these strings into sections of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc. Reading from the grid, the players perform 10 different circuitous paths across and along their instruments’ strings. The paths are constructed in such a fashion as to avoid repetition, signifying that each coordinate in the grid and its corresponding note is heard only once in each movement.

Beavan Flanagan CA

Beavan Flanagan is a composer and sound artist from Montreal, currently based in Manchester, UK. He composes both instrumental and electronic music, in addition to more experimental sound works presented through media such as audio installations, web applications, illustrations and text scores. His works address cultural and subjective negotiations with the seemingly distant inscrutability of natural phenomena. This takes on the form of musical instruments removed from their human context, technological mediation, multiple layers of contingency, randomness and other forms demonstrating indifference to human perceptual mechanisms, disembodiment, durational and spatial ambiguity, and finally speculations on sound beyond perception.

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Beavan Flanagan