The Invisible Forest


This project was a collaboration between Phoebe Tsang, Sonja Rainey, and myself. Phoebe wrote a large body of texts about the north, from which I selected and set the poem "The Invisible Forest". Sonja Rainey created the video and collaborated on the work's visual design.

Musically, this piece is based on a single unison melody which laps against itself in unaligned layers. Elements and shapes from the natural world - ice, sea, floe, forest, grit, cold - are loosely tethered.

The Invisible Forest was commissioned by Continuum with the assistance of the Canada Council and Toronto Arts Council. I'm very grateful to Ryan Scott and Continuum for their ongoing role in commissioning and programming new music in our community, and deeply appreciate being able to work together on this project with such exemplary musicians and collaborators.

Continuum performed the world premiere of this work on Friday December 8, 2017, as part of Urgent Voices.

Anna Höstman CA

Anna Höstman's music seeks out sensory and tactile encounters with the world while also extending into story, memory, history, and landscape. Her creative work has been performed across Canada and internationally, and received support from the BC Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, Toronto Arts Council, the European Research Council, Indigeneity in the Contemporary World, the Ontario Arts Council and SSHRCC. From 2005-8, Anna was resident composer of the Victoria Symphony Orchestra. In 2013, she received the Toronto Emerging Composer’s Award to write a quartet for period instruments based on walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Anna’s DMA focused on the chamber works of Toronto experimental composer, Martin Arnold. In 2014, Anna was the recipient of the K.M. Hunter Award for Classical Music.  

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Anna Höstman