Trio for Disposable Reeds

2011-12 listen

“ just made a reed instrument. As you blow, the trimmed straw tips vibrate. This vibration causes the air molecules to vibrate. Vibrating air molecules are also known as sound waves. As you blow, sound waves travel up and down the straw and also travel to your ear and that’s what you hear.”

Muller, Eric (2010) “While You're Waiting for the  Food to Come.” in Do Science! Future Edition

Hugo Morales Murguía MX

Working the boundaries between traditional instruments, found objects, performance technique and technology, for Hugo Morales Murguía the development of alternative forms of sound generation for music composition is essential in his work. Elements in his ideas are frequently extensions of traditional instruments or instrumental implementations of rudimentary items whereby intricate techniques, multi-parametric notation, physical sound transformations and lo-fi inventions are common agents delimiting a musical vocabulary. He has been commissioned and performed by several international ensembles such as: The Arditti Quartet (UK), L’Ensemble Intercontemporain (FR), Champ d’Action (BE), Ensemble Klang (NL), Talea Ensemble (US), CHROMA Ensemble (UK), Exaudi Vocal Ensemble  (UK), IKTUS Percussion Quartet (US),), Trio Gáman (DK), Liminar (MX), Vortex Ensemble (CH),Ensemble MAE (NL), Slagwerk Den Haag (NL), Vertixe Sonora (ES) and Modelo62 (NL), among others. He currently works full-time as an independent composer/sonologist based in The Netherlands.

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Hugo Morales Murguía