Thierry Tidrow wins the 2014 Jules Leger Prize!

Au fond du cloître humide commissioned by Continuum

Continuum is excited to announce that Thierry Tidrow has won the 2014 Jules Leger Prize for New Chamber Music for his work Au fond du cloître humide, a Continuum commission funded by The Canada Council for the Arts. We premiered the work at our May 4, 2014 concert By Other Means. (You can watch Continuum’s world premiere of Thierry’s piece on You Tube.)

Thierry will receive his prize – and Continuum will give a second performance of Au fond du cloître humide - at a special concert this coming September which will also feature works and premieres from other Jules Leger winners and finalists.  Stay tuned for more details!

On behalf of everyone at Continuum, I offer congratulations to Thierry on this honour! We look forward to performing the work again next season.

For more information on Thierry, read “5 questions for Thierry Tidrow” on the Canada Council for the Arts website.