We came, we saw, we sang

Thanks for a great year!

What a party we had on June 11! And what a great launch for a remarkable project.
Nuyamł-ił Kulhulmx (Nuxalk for Singing the Earth) – which, thanks to Marion Newman’s tutorial we now know how to pronounce – explores the interconnectedness of the Nuxalk people of Bella Coola, the Norwegian settlers who arrived in the late 19th century, all others who happened on that beautiful valley, and their relationship to the land. Composer Anna Höstman, dramaturge Dylan Robinson and mezzo-soprano Marion Newman are the creative force behind Singing the Earth. Look for more information in the coming months, and plan to come to the performances December 4 and 5, 2013.

Our thanks to R.H. Thomson for his electric presence, to Rosemarie and Wayne Umetsu for hosting the event at Atelier Rosemarie Umestsu, and to the evening’s various contributors: Gord Peteran, Ken Straiton (who donated to the silent auction and took the photos above), Gary Taxali and Rosemarie Umetsu for the silent auction prizes; Blu Giovello for the wine and prosecco.

Our 2012–2013 season is now over. It began in October with Finding Voice, a programme that included two extraordinary, semi-dramatized works about laryngeal cancer by Martijn Voorvelt featuring singers Marion Newman and Christopher Mayell. In February we collaborated with NAISA in Jump Start, which featured works for ensemble and electronics, with all five composers present (travelling from as far east as Austria and as far west as Edmonton). And in April we mounted back to back concerts featuring UK pianist Philip Thomas in works by Canadian and UK composers. Along the way we spearheaded a forum (presented with the Canadian Music Centre and the Canadian League of Composers) on Canadian and Dutch funding of new music – where the two countries have been and where they’re heading; we went into the high school classroom to take students through improvisation, and into the university lecture hall to speak to a sea of philosophy students about thinking in the medium of music; and of course we worked on plans for next season, and two and three seasons beyond. 

Behind the scenes, we completed a major re-vamp of our website, and after only two full years online, Continuum’s YouTube channel is just shy of 15,000 views. The videos from Finding Voice are now posted – go to YouTube to relive the experience, or see and hear it for the first time.

We’re grateful for continued support from the Toronto, Ontario and Canada arts councils; from the Julie-Jiggs, SOCAN and McLean Foundations; and from individuals who have donated anywhere from $25 to $3000 over the year.  Your donations are always welcome – donate now and help us surpass our fundraising goal.

Thank you for being part of Continuum’s 2012–13 season and for your support of our activities.  We look forward to seeing you next season.