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An interview with Philip Thomas Continuum co-Artistic Director Ryan Scott chats with acclaimed British pianist Philip Thomas more
Correlating we shall go This month in back to back concerts (April 24 at Gallery 345, and April 25 at the Music Gallery), Continuum presents works by Canadian and British composers. more
Trevor Grahl - Canadian Composer Abroad The Canadian composers in Correlation Street – Trevor Grahl, Christopher Mayo and Gordon Williamson – all came to Continuum’s notice through our Call for Scores, and they all live abroad. It’s more by chance than design that they have all ended up on the same programme, but is there something to the fact that their work stood out in the Call? more
Talking down the Tiger The featured “instrument” on this piece is the ARC-16 Prototype, an electro-acoustic interface which allows the user to capture sounds, manipulate them and re-broadcast them through a surround sound system. more