Reverse Osmosis

November 6, 2003, 8 pm
The Music Gallery
197 John Street, Toronto, ON, CA, M5T 1X6 map

This concert is the launch for Continuum’s European tour. It is a proclamation of the character and quality of work of the last few years that has given Continuum its identity. It is a concert, too, that reflects the mutual influence of European and North American new music.


  1. Allison Cameron CA
  2. Inouk Demers CA
  3. Richard Ayres UK/NL
  4. Bryn Harrison UK
  5. Geogg Hannan UK
  6. Michael Oesterie CA


Continuum’s ensemble, with Peter Stoll (clarinet), Benjamin Bowman (violin), Peter Pavlovsky (bass), Graham Hargrove (percussion), Rosemary Thomson (conductor).


$20 adults, $10 seniors and $5 students.

Reverse Osmosis