November 6, 2003, 8 pm
The Registry Theatre
122 Frederick Street, Kitchener, ON, CA, N2H 2L9 map

Souvenir is the music component of a film and live music project depicting geological processes, landscape, the seasons, and metamorphosis in human history and self-consciousness. The overarching concepts tie together pieces that are stylistically distinct. In the next phase of the project the music will be performed live with the film.


  1. Linda Bouchard CA
  2. Randall Smith CA
  3. Michael Oesterle CA
  4. Alice Ho CA
  5. Jocelyn Morlock CA

With a screening of Archeology of Memory by filmmaker Gary Popovich, music by Randall Smith.


Continuum’s ensemble, with Tamara Hummel (soprano), Krisztina Szabo (mezzo), Angela Rudden (viola)m Peter Pavlovsky (bass), Graham Hargrove (percussion), Rosemary Thomson (conductor).


$20 adults, $10 seniors and $5 students.