four lines

June 8, 2006, 7–8 pm

four lines is a city-wide “mobile prelude” featuring four of Toronto’s most inventive improvisers: Rob Clutton (double bass), Nilan Perera (guitar + percussion), Sarah Peebles (electronics) and Barnyard Drama (Christine Duncan, vocals + Jean Martin, percussion).

Performing across the city, the artists travel by foot, pedicab, subway and streetcar, converging at 7:45pm to perform in the bamboo forest of the new Donnelly Centre (160 College, west of University). Four lines map a sonic journey through the city.

  1. Rob Clutton plays his double bass from Grange Park, below the AGO, heading north.
  2. Christine Duncan and Jean Martin of Barnyard Drama sing and play along Philosopher’s Walk, following the green spaces southwards.
  3. Sarah Peebles rides a pedicab from La Palette Restaurant (256 Augusta Avenue) northwards. She’s mixing the sounds of bees and birds as she goes.
  4. Wildcard guitarist Nilan Perera arrives via Toronto’s subway system, stealing sounds along the way.

four lines was curated by Christie Pearson and Juliet Palmer and funded in part by the Laidlaw Foundation.

four lines