June 8, 2006, 8 pm
Donnelly Centre
soundaXis — festival of architecture, music and acoustics
160 College Street, Toronto, ON, CA, M5S 3E1 map

touch space is a spatially-conceived concert in the University of Toronto's new Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research (by German architects Behnisch and Behnisch). Curved interior walls jut into the sharp-edged glazed shell of the triple height lobby area, the ceiling punctured by multi-hued skylights. As the audience enter and explore the ground level of the building, the four lines musicians perform from different locations — on wooden platforms in an enormous bamboo grove, from an overhanging balcony, nestled in the intersecting curves of two intricately tiled walls. The works featured in the concert all share a fascination with space and architectural structure.

Xenakis' visceral Okho for 3 djembes and bass drum transforms mathematical concepts into a physically charged work of almost ritualistic power. Gossamer lines entangle in Sciarrino's seductive Lo Spazio Inverso - a transparent pairing with mathematician and composer Ristic's turbulent and spacious Environnements improvisés. Steenhuisen's Hobo Action Figures steps outside highbrow architecture to speak in the vernacular of the campsite and the open sky: improvised music with pre-recorded narration.


  1. André RisticCA
  2. Salvatore SciarrinoIT
  3. Paul SteenhuisenCA
  4. Iannis XenakisFR
  5. Iannis XenakisFR


Continuum’s ensemble, with Benjamin Bowman (violin), Greg Oh (piano), Trevor Tureski and Graham Hargrove (percussion), Robin Engelman (conductor).

Special thanks to Building Manager Anna Vanek and Professor Brenda Andrews (Director CCBR) for welcoming Continuum to The Terrence Donnelly Centre.