April 21, 2007, 8 pm
The Music Gallery
197 John Street, Toronto, ON, CA, M5T 1X6 map

The Vancouver-based composing collective CURV (Marci Rabe, Kristy Farkas, and Jennifer Butler) challenges the solitary paradigm of classical composition with 20 Silent Words, realised in collaboration with the musicians of Continuum. Incorporating sound, text, images, and movement, CURV’s work grows out of a year-long process of exchange and collaboration of letters, postcards, emails, sound recordings, photos, scores, and conversations. Reusing and recycling each other’s materials freely, the lines of creative ownership are erased.

A co-production with the Music Gallery.


Marci Rabe (voice), Jennifer Butler and Kristy Farkas (electronics), Wallace Halladay (saxophones), Peter Pavlovsky (double bass), Greg Oh (piano), and Kimberley Pritchard (accordion).