Contes pour enfants pas sages

8 cautionary entertainments
May 27, 2012, 8 pm
May 28, 2012, 2pm - school matinee
May 29, 2012, 8 pm
918 Bathurst
918 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON, CA, M5R 3G5 map

More wisdom and bewilderness from the animal kingdom: a multi-layered, multi-media setting of all eight fables of French poet Jacques Prévert by Canadian composer Christopher Butterfield, a master at once of poignant gesture and musical slapstick. The zaniness of Prévert’s fables, coupled with Butterfield’s ear for the absurd and the spectacular forces required for this production, make this one of the premiere events of Toronto’s musical season.

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  1. Christopher ButterfieldCA

* Premiered by Continuum


Anne Grimm, soprano
Benjamin Butterfield, tenor
Choir 21 with David Fallis, conductor
Continuum’s ensemble
Adrian Gross, mandolin

Images by Sandra Meigs
Mise-en-scène by Laurence Lemieux
Gabriel Cropley, Lighting Designer/Technical Director


$30 adults / $15 students, seniors & arts workers


Contes was made possible by the generous support of a variety of patrons, donors and organizations. For a complete list, please visit our acknowledgements page. We'd like to thank in particular:

The Julie Jiggs Foundation
Roger D. Moore
The McLean Foundation

The Great Tale Sale

Continuum launched a special fundraising campaign - The Great Tale Sale - in support of Contes. We'd like to thank the donors to the Tale Sale, who "purchased" the following tales:

  • L'autruche: Louise Duchesneau, Ron Mah, David Pay, David & Elizabeth Thompson
  • Scène de la vie des antilopes: Claire Hopkinson, Ron Mah, Jane Mowbray
  • Le dromadaire mécontent: Robin Elliott, Patrick Jordan, Mark Kingwell, Francine Labelle, Ron Mah, Michael Stewart, David & Elizabeth Thompson, Keith Turnbull
  • L'éléphant de mer: Louise Duchesneau, Sharon and Larry Grossman, Ron Mah, Michael Stewart
  • Cheval dans un île: Louise Duchesneau, Ron Mah, Jane Mowbray
  • Jeune lion en cage: Ron Mah, Kathleen McMorrow, Toy Piano Composers, Keith Turnbull
  • L'opéra des girafes: Ron Mah, Kathleen McMorrow, Donna Zapf
  • Les premiers ânes: Lynda Franklin, Ron Mah

Corporate support

Continuum thanks the following corporations for their support of Contes:

Grassroots Advertising
Perkins Services Inc.
Recorder Centre


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Contes pour enfants pas sages

Christopher Butterfield
, composer

Anne Grimm
, soprano

Benjamin Butterfield
, tenor

David Fallis
, Choir 21 conductor