October 19–20, 2014, 8pm
Betty Oliphant Theatre
404 Jarvis St, Toronto, ON, CA, M4Y 2G6 map

Souvenir is a journey through the history of planet Earth and human civilization. Images and music move from our cosmological beginnings through the geological underpinnings of life on earth amid the landscapes and major events in human development. With film by Gary Popovich and music from some of Canada's most distinguished composers. Watch the Souvenir preview video.

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Linda Bouchard (CA)
Randall Smith (CA)
Michael Oesterle (CA)
Alice Ho (CA)
Jocelyn Morlock (CA)
Hiroki Tsurumoto (CA)*

* Premiere


Shannon Mercer (soprano), Krisztina Szabo (mezzo-soprano), Anne Thompson (flute), Diane Leung (viola), Joe Phillips (double bass), Ryan Scott (percussion), Michelle Colton (percussion), Gregory Oh (conductor)


$30 adults / $20 seniors & arts workers / $10 students