[FIX] AirPods Keep Disconnecting in iPhone, Mac & Android!

AirPods are one of the most popular earphones in the world which is loved by all. The quality and the sound of these earphones are simply the best. However, even after being the most successful audio gadget, they tend to face technical glitches.

One of the most common ones is that they keep disconnecting from their device. In this article let us learn about this problem & how to fix it.

How to fix AirPods that keep disconnecting from your device?

To fix the issue of the AirPods getting disconnected, you can do the following

  1. Check if the AirPods are charged
  2. Ensure that the Bluetooth in your device is turned on and has no interference
  3. Reset your AirPods
  4. Check and fix the audio settings in your device
  5. Clean the AirPods
  6. Try disconnecting and reconnecting your AirPods
  7. Keep the automatic Ear Detection turned off
  8. Try connecting your AirPods to a different device
  9. Update the firmware

While AirPods getting disconnected could be very frustrating but this is a common problem that can be fixed easily by trying the above methods. Let us now understand why does your AirPods keep disconnecting.

Why do the AirPods keep disconnecting?

If your AirPods are getting disconnected from your device, there could be many reasons why that’s happening. They could be Hardware or Software related issues. If your AirPods are broken inside, then there could be a connection problem. If there was a software update done that is not compatible with your device you could face a connection issue.

Sometimes AirPods also keep getting disconnecting from their device if there is a sensor-related issue, if the AirPods are dirty or if there is Bluetooth interference. At times if there is a WiFi-related issue then also it can cause your AirPods to frequently disconnect from the device.

Apart from ensuring that your AirPods are charged and there is no Bluetooth interference the other way to fix your AirPods if they continuously keep disconnecting is by resetting your AirPods.

How to reset the AirPods?

To reset the AirPods you will have to follow the simple steps such as 

  1. Place both the AirPods in their charging case & close the lid
  2. Wait for 30-40 seconds and open the lid of the case
  3. Turn on your iPhone and go to Settings
  4. Click on Bluetooth settings and tap the icon i which appears next to your AirPods name
  5. Click on Forget this Device and confirm
  6. Now hold the AirPods case in your hand and keep the lid open. Press and hold the button which is located right behind the back of the case
  7. Do this for 15-30 seconds until the light flashes amber and then turns white

Your AirPods are now reset. To begin using them again you will have to connect them to your device from scratch and hopefully, they will now not get disconnected from your device frequently. If the problem persists try connecting your AirPods to a different device may be your iPad or Macbook.

If your AirPods continue to disconnect frequently even after trying a different device we suggest you clean your AirPods thoroughly.

How to clean AirPods?

To clean your AirPods properly use a dry lint-free cloth and clean them slowly. You can also use an earbud if you feel comfortable. In case your Airpods have any stains you can use a damp cloth to remove the stains and then wipe them with a dry cloth and let them dry properly.

Do not use the AirPods if they have not dried well as it can damage the AirPods permanently. Also, avoid using any sharp objects to clean them. Once your AirPods are cleaned thoroughly, use them and hopefully, the problem would have been fixed. In case the problem continues then check the audio settings in your iPhone.

To clean the mesh on the AirPods, you can use an earbud. If you can use a magnifying glass to see the grill better, then it’s an added advantage. Slowly clean the mesh and remove any dirt or ear wax from them.

How to fix the audio settings in iPhone?

Fixing the audio settings in your iPhone can help in fixing the AirPods from getting disconnected frequently. To fix the audio setting in your iPhone follow the given steps

  1. Go to your iPhone Settings and go to Music
  2. Now go on to EQ and turn off the EQ and click on ok
  3. Go to the settings screen once again and click on accessibility
  4. Now go to the Audio/Visual screen and adjust the balance slider as per your requirement

Try connecting your AirPods to your iPhone and see if the issue has been resolved. If not then you will have to turn off the automatic ear detection feature in your AirPods.

How to turn off the automatic ear detection feature in AirPods?

To turn the automatic ear detection feature off in your AirPods

  1. Click on your iPhone’s settings
  2. Now go to the Bluetooth settings in your phone
  3. You will now get to see the list of devices connected to your Bluetooth
  4. Click on i icon just to your AirPods name
  5. You will now see the Automatic ear detection on. Turn it off here and click on ok

Go back to your Airpods now and see if they are working fine. If the problem still exists then the last try you can do is by updating your AirPods firmware.

The automatic ear detection feature in AirPods allows the audio which is playing in your device to get routed to the AirPods whenever you wear them. This feature is enabled by default in your AirPods and it also allows the AirPods to pause the audio if you remove them from your ears.

How to update the AirPods firmware?

To check your AirPods firmware and update the same please follow the given instructions 

  1. On the phone, open the Settings menu on your phone
  2. Now go to Bluetooth settings
  3. Click on the i symbol next to your AirPods name
  4. Now look at the firmware version that is being displayed on the screen
  5. If you see any update that is available here, click on it and the firmware will automatically get updated

Once the firmware has been updated it is recommended that you restart the phone and the AirPods and reconnect the devices once more. Your AirPods should now get fixed from being frequently disconnected.


There are numerous reasons why AirPods could get disconnect frequently. Try all the solutions listed here and all that you can find online. Most of the solutions will help you fix the issue. But if nothing works for you, then it’s best to check if you have a warranty and get a replacement. Or visit the nearest Apple store and get the AirPods serviced.

‘We hope you enjoyed reading our article today and found it useful. So the next time your AirPods keep getting disconnected frequently one of these methods should be able to fix the problem.

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