Best Equalizer Settings for Headphones

Do you usually listen to audio on your headphones and find the sound quality to be a tad mediocre? Not everybody can invest in high-priced headphones or devices so do we have to settle with the average quality audio output?

With technologies growing faster we can now change the way our audio devices sound by just fixing the equalizer settings.

All we need to do is master the art of adjusting the Equalizer and you too can get a sound quality that you always desired.

What is the best equalizer setting for headphones?

The best equalizer setting is one that is soothing to your ears and has an ambient sound level as well. There is no worldwide standard that is followed and it all depends on your volume preferences, the audio type you are listening to, and the surrounding environment.

While listening to your favorite music on your headphone, if you feel that you are not very happy with the outcome of the sound and would like to adjust the equalizer settings then the best setting would be to

Increase the frequency – by increasing the frequency of the pitch of your sound to a little high or low, you can make the sounds sound better. If you like listening to beats and groovy music then you can keep the frequency high and if you like to listen to soft music then keep the frequency low.

Adjusting the Decibel – By adjusting the volume of the Decibel in your settings you can get an amazing sound quality from you headphones. If you prefer to listen to hip hop music then you should increase the decibel and if you like to listen to regular songs then the Decibel should be within the range of 5-10.

What is an Equalizer?

Equalizers also called EQ are software and hardware filters that adjust the frequencies of sounds. It is an audio filter or a sound processor that will allow you to boost certain types of sound or even lower them. Equalizers help in enhancing the sound quality and help in shaping the sound as per your personal preferences.

The Equalizer frequencies range from 20Hz to 20KHz which is the audible range for a human ear. Hence anything which is played in this range is enjoyed by humans and with the help of Equalizers, we can change the way the music sounds in our ears.

Although we tend to adjust our equalizer settings on our speakers, we ignore our headphones on this. So let us now understand why is it important to adjust the equalizer settings in your headphone.

What is the importance of equalizer settings in headphones?

Equalizers help in adjusting or balancing the sounds of your headphone as per your needs and choices. If you do not like the performance of your headphones and want to create a rich experience then increasing or decreasing the frequency of sound for a better experience, then adjusting your Equalizer settings will help you.

By adjusting the settings in your headphone you can ensure that only the most important sound frequencies are being preserved and the frequencies or sounds that you don’t want to hear are being reduced.

Equalizing the settings in your headphone also help in creating a pleasant experience for people using the headphone. Maybe the sound of the music you listen to is good but with the help of an equalizer, you can make the sound better. Moreover, it helps in setting up your mood while you are watching a movie, listening to songs, or playing a game. You may want to increase the treble while watching a movie or increase the bass while playing games.

How to get the perfect sound for your headphones with Equalizer settings?

To get a perfect sound for your headphones you will have to play around with your equalizer setting by moving the frequency bars in and out. You will have to try different settings until you come to a point when you feel satisfied with the sound that plays with different types of songs.

To get a good sound it is not always important to increase the frequencies in the equalizer. Sometimes reducing a certain frequency can also give you a great sound experience. The best way to do this is by listening to the music carefully and understanding the sound that you do not like compared to the rest. Once you can identify the sound simply pull down the frequencies of those sounds and fade them away.

If you are trying to adjust the frequencies for the first time and do not have much knowledge about it then the best way is to use the presets which already come with the equalizers.

How do you equalize headphones on Android?

If you are using your headphones on an Android device and not sure how to adjust the settings on the left and right side of the headphone then do the following 

  1. Open your Android device and go to settings
  2. Now from the drop-down list click on accessibility 
  3. Scroll down the screen and go to the Audio and On-Screen text section
  4. Here you can adjust the slider for your Audio Balance by moving the slider to the left or right depending on how you want to balance the sound 

Now let us see what are some of the best Equalizer settings for your boring headphones so that you can turn them into a heavy ones. Let us start with learning about the best Equalizer settings for Bass in your headphones.

What is the best Equalizer settings for Bass in a headphone?

The general settings for a better bass experience would be if you set the sub-bass a little above +6db and set your bass level exactly at the center of 0db and +6db. During such a setting we would also recommend you to set your low mids and upper mids at the point where you have adjusted your bass at.


Different kinds of music need different equalizer settings or else your music will sound bad and can even crack while listening to it using your headphones. Hence the best setting for your headphones while listening to music that has a lot of instruments or is acoustic, you can keep the bass at the same frequency as the mid-range frequencies. For rock music, you should always keep the frequency of the bass high so that the sounds are crisp and clear.

If you enjoy listening to dance music then we would suggest you increase the low to the point that you start enjoying the music and while doing so gradually lower down the highs. Doing this will make the bass more effective and you can hear it crisp and clear.

What is the best Equalizer settings for high Treble in a headphone?

Treble is one important aspect of the Equalizer and changing the treble creates a huge difference to the way your music sounds. Treble is also known as high ends and as you open the equalizer settings on your phone you will see almost 7 bars which are the main strings of the equalizer.

Treble lies in the frequency which ranges from 6Khz to 10Khz. Hence if you want to customize treble then you have to adjust the bars which lie in these frequencies. If you like to listen to music with high treble then increase the second last bar in your equalizer setting as this bar mainly controls treble. However, do not rise it too high as too much treble will spoil the sound. We suggest you keep the bar just a little above the center point.

What are the best Equalizer settings for a balanced sound in a headphone?

To achieve a balanced sound always keep the bass slightly on the higher side as most people love to listen to high bass. now lower down the mids and the high bars to balance a good bass setting. The treble in such kind of setting should be slightly higher than the mid bars but lower than the bass.

Since every person has a different choice of music and it gets difficult to keep changing the Equalizer settings as per the songs therefore we suggest you keep the equalizer settings to such a situation that you get a balanced sound no matter what songs you play. The best equalizer setting for a balanced sound in a headphone is when there is a mixture of all the settings.

Keeping a setting like this while using your headphone is the safest as you will be able to enjoy balanced music and at the same time will not have to keep changing the settings as per everyone’s needs. This setting goes well with almost any kind of music be it acoustic, dance, rock, hip-hop, vocal or soft.


To get a richer and better listening experience from your headphones it is important to understand the best equalizer settings for your headphones. The main element here is adjusting or balancing the sounds such as increasing the sound you like listening to while reducing the sound you don’t like.

We hope you enjoyed reading the article today and found it helpful. So the next time you want to convert your normal headphones into a good one then try the settings that we have mentioned and enjoy a whole new level of music.

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