How to Fix Headphone Jack Not Working on Laptop, Xbox & Android

Headphones are one of the most common gadgets that everyone owns and love to use it especially while listening to music, watching a mobile, playing a game, doing a client call and the list goes on.

However, at times many users complain that their Headphone jack is not working on their laptop, on their Android, and sometimes even with their Xbox.

In this article today we will learn how to fix your headphone jack when they stop working.

How to Fix Headphone Jack Not Working on Laptop?

Headphone jack not working on your devices is a common problem faced by many but not a serious one. While using your headphone if the jack stops working on your laptop then first and foremost check the volume in the headphones and the laptop.

If the volume is on mute or low then increase the volume and if it is not in mute and the headphone is still not working then here are a few ways that will help you fix them.

Try a different device

Before fixing the headphone it is important to be sure if the problem is with the headphone or the laptop. We would suggest you try using the headphone with a different device and see if they start working fine. If they do it would mean that the problem lies with the laptop and if they don’t then we will try the other methods to fix the headphone jack.

Cleaning and Plugging your Headphone

One of the main reasons why your headphones are not working on the laptops is because of the plugging issue. It is important to insert the right plug onto the right jack. Before plugging your headphones into your laptop clean them properly and ensure there are no dust and dirt. Now check that you have the right plug of your headphone and ensure that they are plugged correctly.

Your Headphone plug shouldn’t be bend

While plugging your headphone into the Laptop ensure that the headphone plug is not bent and is connected to the Laptop straight. A slight bend on the plug can cause the headphone to stop working with your laptop.

Updating the Sound Card Driver

Another way to try and fix the headphone jack if it doesn’t work with the laptop is by updating the sound card driver. To do so

  1. Go to your laptop and click on the control panel
  2. Now open device settings and go to the sound, video, and game controller
  3. Right-click on your sound card now and select update driver software
  4. You will now be given an option to automatically search for the updated driver software or to scan for driver updates
  5. Once you click on ok it will automatically start updating your driver
  6. Wait until the update is completed and click on ok

Now go back and plug your headphone into your laptop to see if it has started working. If not try the other methods given below.

Setting your Headphone as Default

Usually, windows automatically detect the headphones whenever they are plugged into your laptop and they keep the settings to default however when you are facing this issue of the headphones jack not working manually set your headphones to default. To do so

  1. Right Click on the sound icon which appears at the bottom of the screen
  2. Now click on sound and click on the playback tab
  3. At this point unplug and then again plug your headphones back into the laptop
  4. Once you do this the headphone icon which appears on the playback tab will get a green tick sign

Click on ok and check your headphone if they have started working fine. If the issue still has not been resolved you can try the last method which is by modifying the audio format.

Modify audio format

To modify the audio format in your laptop to ensure that your headphones start working fine

  1. Go to the sound icon which is located at the bottom of your laptop screen and right-click on it
  2. Now click on sounds and select the first option which is playback
  3. Right-click on the headphones now and go to headphone properties
  4. Click on the advanced option and. dropdown will appear
  5. You will now have to click on each of the options that appear on your drop-down one by one. Once you select a particular option click on test which is just next to it. While doing this hear if there is any sound once you select any of the formats.

If you successfully hear the sound in any format then click on ok and check your headphones if they are working fine. In case you do not hear any sound then you might have to take your headphones to a professional to get them checked.

Why does the headphone jack stop working?

The best of the best Headphones can face technical issues and if they do then there is nothing much to worry about as one can easily fix them. It is however important to understand why the headphone jacks stop working. There could be many reasons for that but the common ones could be because 

  • There could be physical damage to the headphones. Maybe someone dropped them on the floor or someone step foot on them. The chances can be many
  • The headphone jack also stops working if there was an application installed in your device which has been interfering with the headphones jack
  • If your device itself is having a problem then the headphone jack will face issues in connecting and working with it.
  • If the sound and audio drivers are old and outdated then also your headphones jack will stop working with your device

Why does the Headphone Jack stop working on the Xbox?

Headphone jacks not working with different devices is a common problem that can occur for many reasons. The Headphones jack can stop working with Xbox because of any firmware or even hardware-related issues. Regular use of the Xbox controllers also tends to loosen the jacks which is another reason why the headphones jack stop working.

Apart from this if the headphones socket is faulty or if the headphones are not plugged in correctly or if they are damaged then also the headphone jack can stop working on the Xbox.

How to Fix Headphone Jack Not Working on Xbox?

Here are a few methods we can try to fix the headphone jack and make it work with the Xbox. First, we will try to

Disconnect the Headphone 

the most common reason behind the Headphones jack not working with the Xbox is when there is a poor connection between the headphone and the Xbox. Hence we will first disconnect the headphone and reconnect them back again to the Xbox. Doing this should fix the issue. If not try the other method which is

Check the Headphone Volume

While using the headphone ensure that the volume is not kept too low. At times we tend to press on the mute button unknowingly and start blaming the headphone for not working fine. So next time don’t forget to check the mute button before you use your headphones.

Use a different headphone

If your headphones jack stops working with your Xbox we would suggest you connect your Xbox with a different headset and see if the problem exists with the headphone or the Xbox before you start fixing the headphone jack.

Adjust the privacy settings

To fix your headphone jack so they start working with your Xbox, it’s important to adjust the privacy settings of your Xbox. To do so go to the settings of your Xbox by

  • Click on settings
  • Click on all settings
  • Now go to accounts and click on the privacy and online safety option
  • Click on view details and customize
  • Now click on communicate with voice and text
  • Double-check that the mic is not muted
  • Click on ok

Now connect your headphone to your Xbox again and see if the headphone jack has started working fine. If the problem still isn’t fixed try the other method

Checking the cord and connector

Checking the Xbox cord and connector thoroughly will give you an understanding of if there are any damages to the headset or the cord. If the cords of the headphone are broken or if the cord is dirty they definitely will create trouble connecting to the Xbox. Even after this if the problem continues then you can try the last method which is examining the headphone port on the controller.

Examining headphone port

Sometimes when the headphone ports on the controller are dirty or if there are any debris or obstructions in the port it gets difficult for the headphone jack to connect with the Xbox. It is important to remove all the debris and dirt using a toothpick or tweezers or even blow on the port to ensure they are clean and off any obstructions.

After understanding about the headphones and the ways to fix the headphone jack if it stops working on Laptop and Xbox, let us now understand and see how to fix the Headphone jack if they stop working with Android.

How to Fix Headphone Jack Not Working on Android?

Try connecting your headphone to another device and see if they start working. In case they don’t then you know that you need to replace your headphones and in case they do work with other devices then we will try out different methods to fix your headphone jack. Some of the methods to fix your headphone are 

Clean the Headphone Jack

For your Headphone to work properly, it is important to keep them clean at all points in time. If you notice that your headphone jacks are dirty or if dirt and lint have accumulated in them then the headphones should immediately be cleaned.

Use a tweezer or an earbud to carefully clean all the dirt from your headphone. Make use of wet tissue to clean stains but ensure to dry up all the water before using the headphone.

Check for other Bluetooth connections

To get your Headphone jack to start working with your Android it is important to ensure that the headphones are not connected to any other Bluetooth devices nearby. Before using the headphones double check that they are paired to your android device and that the Bluetooth in all your other devices is turned off.

Restarting Android Device

Many times after a quick restart of your devices the Headphone jacks start working fine again hence we will suggest you restart your device and your headphone once and then see if they start working fine.

Check the settings in your Android Device

Sometimes if the settings in your Android device are changed you may face issues with your Headphone jack not working. Hence just go to your device settings and click on audio settings. Here check that the device volume is not muted or kept in vibration for the headphone jack to work properly.

If none of the above methods help you fix your headphone jack ten you may have to get them repaired by a professional. Just like the headphones jack not working on your laptop or Xbox, similarly, there will be times when your headphone jack will not work with your Android.

During such situations instead of going crazy and opening up the jack or changing the system settings, we would suggest you check if your headphones are broken or damaged.


To own a good pair of headphones is everyone’s wish but to maintain them properly is not everyone’s habit. You must take care of your headphones and keep them clean at all points in time. Headphones are technical objects hence facing a technical glitch is common. We hope you enjoyed reading this article today and found it helpful.

So the next time your headphones stop working with your laptop, Xbox, or Android we hope this article will help you fix the problem smoothly.

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