[FIX] Windows 10 Headphones Not detected – Easy Steps!!

Most of us are now working from home and are on constant video and zoom calls using our headphones. But, what if the headphones stop working suddenly or are not detected by Windows 10? What would you do in such a case!

So, How To fix Windows 10 Headphones Not detected issue?

To fix windows 10 headphones not detected issue, you need to ensure is that your headphone is set as the default output device in your system. Sometimes this issue occurs because another device is set as your computer’s default audio output device.

To set the headphones as default, you will have to go to your computer and right-click on the volume button. Now select the Playback devices. once again right-click on the space on your screen and click on Show Disconnected Devices

Here you will again get an option to select Show disabled devices and click on it. Click on headphones now and then click on the properties. This will ensure that your headphone is enabled now and is set to default. You can now reconnect your headphone once again and see if the issue is resolved.

If you are still having problems detecting your headphones on Windows 10 then we will suggest you Uninstall and Reinstall the sound drivers.

How to Uninstall Sound Drivers in Windows 10?

To uninstall the sound driver in Windows 10 – you will have to press the Windows button and the Xkey together. Now click on the Device Manager and then click on the Expand Sound Video and Game Controllers tab.

You will now have to move your cursor to the Sound device that is listed and right-click on it. Select Uninstall now and select Delete Driver Software.

Your sound driver is now uninstalled. Restart your computer now and follow the next steps.

In case your headphone jack breaks off – here’s How to Fix Headphone Jack if it Breaks off in Laptop

How to Install the Sound Drivers in Windows 10?

The best way to reinstall sound drivers on windows 10 is by using an automatic tool such as DriverFix. To install Driver Fix

  1. Download the tool Driverfix into your computer
  2. Once the tool is downloaded, launch the application
  3. The Driver tool will not detect all the corrupt drivers in your system so wait for it to complete
  4. Once the Driver has detected the files it will show you the list of all the corrupt drivers
  5. Select the Drivers which you would like to fix
  6. Once you have selected them the Driverfix will now start downloading and installing the new drivers automatically
  7. Once all the drivers are reinstalled click on complete
  8. Restart your computer once again to see the changes

In most cases manually installing the drivers can cause damage to the system as we would not really know which drivers are faulty or are good for the system. Hence it is better to do the job automatically as the DriverFix tool knows the best drivers that will be supported by Windows 10.

At times Windows 10 does not detect the headphones if the grant panel jack detection is disabled and it might need to get fixed.

How to disable the front panel jack detection in Windows 10?

To disable the front panel jack detection, you will have to go to your screen and on your keyboard press the Window keys and R which will start the Run application. Once the Run application has started go to your control panel to open it and select sound. Look out for Realtek HD Audio manager here and click on it.

This will directly take you to the connector settings where you will have to click on disable front panel jack detection. This is one of the simplest ways to fix your Windows 10 if the headphones are not detected. incase you do not have the Realtek software installed in your system you can do so to make the process easier going forward.

There are a few more ways that can be tried to fix the Windows 10 headphones if they are not detected and one of the ways is to change the default sound format.

How to change the default sound format in Windows 10?

To change the default sound format of your Windows 10 system you will have to click on the control panel on your system and open it. Now click on the Hardware and Sound tab and select the sound option. From here you will have to go back to the Playback tab and double click on the Default playback device which will open up a new window.

Click n the Advanced tab and from the drop-down menu that you get click on the default sound format. This will ensure that your sound settings have been changed and to see if your problem is resolved we would now suggest you restart your computer and check if the headphones are fixed.

If none of the approaches help you in fixing the problem then the last thing that we would recommend is to run the audio troubleshooter in your Windows 10.

How to run Windows 10 audio troubleshooter?

On the keyboard press the Windows key and I to open Settings which will take you to the Update & Security page. Open the troubleshoot option which is towards the left-hand side and then click on Get Up and Running. You will now be taken into the Playing audio screen where you will have to click on Run the troubleshooter.

Now, wait for the troubleshooter to finish the troubleshooting and see if there are any issues found. In case any issues are detected you should be able to fix them by following the guidelines and get your headphones to be working perfectly.

One of the most common reasons why your headphones are not detected on a Windows 10 is because of Bluetooth Connection.

How to ensure that Windows 10 Bluetooth is enabled?

To ensure that the Bluetooth connection between the headphone and the system is enabled

  1. Go to the search tab on your screen and type Bluetooth
  2. Or go to the start button and go to setting
  3. Now click on devices
  4. Click on Bluetooth Devices and turn it on

Now go back to your headphones and try connecting them again to the windows 10 system. At times the Bluetooth can be turned off on the headphones too so recheck your headphones Bluetooth too. If the problem is still not resolved then there are high chances that your system’s built-in Bluetooth adapter has failed.

In such a situation try connecting other Bluetooth devices to your system and if the problem remains then get professional help. Sometimes the headphones also do not get connected with your Windows 10 if both the devices are not compatible with each other.

For this, you will have to see what version of Bluetooth does your system supports. If your headphones are using a higher version of Bluetooth than what the system supports then there might be a connection problem.


We really hope you have enjoyed reading the article today and found it interesting. We hope that the solutions that we provided here will help you fix your windows 10 if your headphones are not getting detected by them.

In case the problem persists please get your system checked by a professional and not install any unauthorized softwares as it will only make the problem worse.

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